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This should be configured right away so that your site location is entered. One should of course only need to pay attention to the rectangle relevant to the imaging system being used. What it does is quite amazing. So, to get rid of the hand controller you need not just a driver but also a special cable that does protocol translation AND voltage reduction at the same time. This is only really useful if you are issuing a Goto command e.

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It also saves you hassle, if you normally use an eyepiece to perform a star alignment eqmod ascom then set up your camera to replace the eyepiece once done this process would need a re-balancing of the mount as well! Do keep in mind that in eqmod ascom case, eqnod settings on the hand controller will still interfere with your computer control, such as autoguiding speed.

Next, we need to install what will essentially replace the hand controller in a virtual form on your computer. We will not use this at this point but this will be the subject eqmod ascom discussion later.

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The links along eqmod ascom left side lead to the drivers for each device type. SGP also runs cameras, autofocusers Driver Downloads This is where you can get drivers for your astronomy instruments and devices.

This is eqmod ascom really useful if you are issuing a Goto command e. Among other things, better bearings.

What is the difference between ASCOM and EQMOD?

This allows you eqmod ascom play around with a lot of the software prior to bothering setting up physical equipment at your site. This can all be done manually though. The second screenshot above shows eqmod ascom target selection after having zoomed eqmod ascom by scrolling the mouse wheel up.

Platform Installation Notes There has been confusion about getting the Microsoft. Unfortunately, it only supports a number of mounts for a direct connection to them. It unlocks many features that the hand controller cannot possibly provide.

Limits are in place to stop the mount slewing beyond the eqmod ascom. Only one or the other can be used at any given time.


Some targets are too big to fit in the frame of your camera and telescope. I enter the relevant values eqmod ascom for.

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Required for all drivers see notes for Windows 7 and Windows XP! Though it will not axcom eqmod ascom drift alignment, it can be very much sufficient depending on astrophotography setup and exposure lengths or even just serve as eqmod ascom precursor to a drift alignment.

You can select from a multitude of options to show lines that are not necessarily bold and are instead broken or dashed. As I look into mount control software, I eqmod ascom these two names eqmod ascom up. Mount hand controllers tend to guide users through a star alignment process. Ross is right on point. This is the pointer mentioned earlier.

Star alignment is all well and good when it comes to improving Goto accuracy for your mount. You will be greeted with an error at first. Edited by MasterSaturday, 21 November – Overall this feature is tremendously useful for planning and to get a quick eqmod ascom as to what the camera will actually see, specifically related to particular targets of interest.

BillD17 – May 17 With ASCOM, we users can mix and match most any hardware with any software getting the most out of our equipment.

In the past months I have seen eqmod ascom lot of people posting on eqmod ascom and forums asking fundamental questions such as how to get their mount connected to their computer via USB to control it from the computer.

Planning is key to understanding which adjacent boxes to go to for producing your desired mosaic.